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Our Wines

Viña Salceda produces four different wines with very distinct personalities, the fruit of our care and effort from the vine to the bottle. Come and discover them with us!

Rioja Alavesa
Conde de La Salceda
Viña Salceda Reserva
Viña Salceda Crianza

Viña Salceda Verdejo


We invite you to learn about the unique identity of our land, our vineyards andourwines. We also hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Alaves district of La Rioja and Elciego and that you will get to know some of the people here, for whom wine is a way of life.

Let the aroma and fragrance of our wine cellar fill up your senses and enter our private world. Learn and enjoy.


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Viña Salceda, set in the estate of the same name, is located in Elciego, a picturesque little town in the Alaves district of La Rioja. Although the history of Viña Salceda dates back just forty years, having been founded in 1969, it was established with a definite goal that entirely justifies its creation: to focus exclusively on the production of top-quality red wines.