Traditional cultivation in an excellent microclimate

Our Vineyards

The locations of our vineyards are: La Dehesilla, El Roquial and Valdefrailes, whose chalky clay soils are ideal for the grape varieties Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano. We mainly grow Tempranillo, of which we harvest massal selections from the oldest plots of land.

The vineyards are cultivated with the utmost care in a traditional manner. For instance, the land is worked by hand with no use of herbicide and all operations from pruning to harvesting are carried out by hand, in a rational and sustainable way.

The small yield per hectare and the age of the vineyards guarantees excellent quality of our grapes. The wine making is conducted in our own facilities atViña Salceda, where the process is meticulously monitored to ensure that the wines are a faithful reflection of the excellent qualities of the grape.

Land and Climate

The location of Viña Salceda in Elciego with its special microclimate thanks to the Cantabrian mountain chain to the north and the Demanda chain to the south, which exert a moderating influence on the Atlantic and continental-Mediterranean winds, respectively.

Ourvineyards are on the southern and south-eastern slopes at an altitude of 410 to 450 metres above sea-level, near the banks of the River Ebro and the confluence of the River Mayor, where the winds bring fresh air to allow the vineyards to breathe and to cool them, especially in the warmest periods of summer.

Our Estate

The geology is mostly from the Early Tertiary Era (Miocene), comprising principally chalky clay soils on compact sandstone rocks.

There is however a great mosaic of other kinds of soils that date back to the Tertiary and Quaternary eras, from limestone to rounded alluvial pebbles.

This enables us to produce a range of different wines according to the various types of soil.